Sunday, May 8, 2011

As you lay dying
on that bed, flowers surround.,
will your friends come crying
hug you in tears
call your name and swear they'll remember you?
will they think of how
u would always make them laugh
will they remember you as the treasure they have found?
will they think it to be a loss, a hole in their life? 
will their tears dry up
as they leave the room instead?
will your loved ones wail for you,
long for your one last glance
will they remember your smiles your laughter and your words
will they give their arms for that one final goodbye?
will the pastor stand and acknowledge you
will the choir sing to respect you
will the congregation be reminded of how beautiful your life was?
will there be any sighs when they think of how you touched their lives?

Will it be just another usual day
will people flock to feel the usual sympathy?
will prayers be said the usual way
will it be just another gloomy day, the day u were to go away?

And as you lay asleep, stoned and silent.,
Will you be watching from above
All the circus thats happening down below,
the cries, the longing
Will you be up in Heaven's rest, the Lord's love abinding
Or will you scream from hells under
repenting yet all in vain
will you be shouting words of pain, fumes and boiling gases?
and yet nothing to stop your screams

Will you be brought to Glory or to Doom
my friend its none but for you to choose
there lies in you the choice to make
this life and now is the time!!

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